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Note: 5000 is speculation, 5000 was selected because of the episode title "Miss Galaxy 5000".

Date Title (Movie/Episode) Series & Season See Also
Wiki-bullet 5000 "God is Our Pilot" Tripping the Rift, Season One The Beginning of Time
  • Chode McBlob is determined that God does not exist, so he takes his slave Robot, Gut to The Beginning of Time to prove that he does not exist.
  • When Chode and Gus return to the present, they realize that they are living in an Alternate Timeline. There is no crime, or war; just peace. Chode and Gus believe that they killed God. Chode and Gus decide to take advantage and commit crimes themselves, with no security, or police protecting anything, everyone is caught off guard. When society begins committing their own crimes, Chode and Gus return to the beginning of time to repair the timeline.
Wiki-bullet 5000 "Mutilation Ball" Tripping the Rift, Season One -
Wiki-bullet 5000 "Miss Galaxy 5000" Tripping the Rift, Season One -

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