Encounter at Farpoint, Part I
Encounter at Farpiont, Part I
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Overview Edit

After Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the Enterprise sets a course to Farpoint Station. There they will pick up key crewmembers, including: Commander William T. Riker, Geordi La Forge, and Doctor Beverly Crusher with her son Wesley Crusher. While en route to Farpoint Station, the crew encounters a being, who calls himslf Q. In order to protect his ship and crew, Picard decides to Saucer Seperate the Enterprise, Picard takes command of the Star-Drive Section, while Worf takes command of the Saucer Section. While trying to flee from Q, several of the Enterprise crewmembers find themselves in a 21st Century courtroom, with Q as the judge.

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