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Welcome to Sci Fi Timeline Wiki.
This Wiki currently contains over 286 articles.
This Wiki was established in November 2008.
Founder of this wiki is Tyharris01;
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This Wiki's mission is to use different Sci Fi Franchises' timelines and combine them into one Timeline. This Wiki is about anything that can be found Science Fiction media, including television, movies, novels, comics, video games, and others. Anything can go on this timeline, weather it takes place in the present, past, future, alternate timelines, parallel universes, etc. as long it is Sci Fi. This timeline begins at The Beginning of Time, and currently ends in the 52nd Century. for more information on this wiki, visit the About page.

Anyone can create a new article on Sci Fi Timeline Wiki in the box below, just enter in the page title, or check out the To Do List.

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This Wiki is just getting started, but this is what there is so far.

Some current Science Fiction on this Wiki.

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