About This Wiki Edit

Welcome to Sci Fi Timeline Wiki. This site is dedicated to creating a Timeline that combines all kinds of Science Fiction franchises into one timeline. The goal of this wiki is to become reliable and up-to-date in any thing in Science Fiction.

Since this site is a wiki, anyone is free to edit, or create articles on this site. This wiki currently includes 285 and is growing. This wiki was established in November of 2008.

Anything that is Science Fiction can go on this site, witch includes Movies, Television, Novels, Comics, Video Games, etc., etc.. Anything that is in the media belongs here; Fan Fiction is not allowed here, it must be available to the public to be on this site.

Science Fiction can take place in the past, present, or future; it can take place in Space, or here on Earth, or on other worlds. Since many different movies and television shows are added to this timeline, some of it might not make since, suck as the destruction of Earth, this could happen multiple times in this timeline; but that is not point to make it so everything makes since, the point is to see what it would look like will all science fiction put together.

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