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Space: 1999 is a television show, which takes place on the Moonbase Alpha on the Moon in the year 1999 AD. The moon itself is no longer in Earth's orbit - due to a nuclear explosion, the moon has broken out of its orbit on an unknown trajectory; this is because nuclear waste from Earth is stored on the moon. When the moon escaped from orbit, when the series begin, three-hundred-eleven colonists were serving on the moon. There is no hope of ever returning to Earth, so it is decided that they do not try. As the moon travels through space, the colonists of Moonbase Alpha have many adventures, but their goal is to settle on planet because they cannot survive indefinitely on the moon.

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NB: According to the full timeline included with the Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook, the moon and Moonbase Alpha passed through a space warp between the end of Season One and the start of Season two. After re-emerging six light years from its previous position, computer analysis of distant stellar radiation levels was compared with recorded data. This revealed that the rift has also thrown the moon three years backward in time, to a point less than one year after they had left Earth. In an attempt to maintain Earth time as closely as possible, Koenig ordered all Alpha event recorders to be reset to 338 days since leaving Earth orbit, reflecting true universal time.[2]

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