Stargate Device

Overview Edit

A Stargate is a means of transportation between two worlds, through artificial wormholes in the Stargate franchise; the Stargate franchise includes: Stargate (1994), Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe and Stargate Infinity. The Stargates are used by different races, including: Humans, Asgard, Goa’uld, Wraith, the Ori and others. These Stargates are scattered across the universe on different worlds, creating a Stargate network, which was built by the Ancients.

A Stargate is large metal ring, made out of a material called Nagahdah, which could be use in the Stargate franchise. The gates have an inner track, which include thirty-nine symbols that represent constellations. Using a Dial Home Device (DHD), seven symbols are used to dial other worlds in the Stargate network; the first six symbols are used to map the coordinates of the destination gate, and last symbol is used as the point of origin. Sometimes an eight symbol is used like an area code to dial into another galaxy; the eight symbols is dialed before the point of origin when it is used. Stargates also have nine Chevrons on the ring, each chevron is encoded by the symbols during a dialing procedure. It is unknown why there is a ninth Chevron, but it is to be revealed in Stargate Universe when it begins in 2009 AD.

The Stargate on Earth Edit

On Earth, two Stargates have been discovered. The first Stargate (Alpha Gate) was discovered in 1928 AD in Giza, Egypt; the second Stargate (Beta Gate) was discovered in Antarctica by Jack O’Neil and Samantha Carter of SG-1. Earth operates a Stargate in Cheyenne Mountain by the US Air force in a facility called Stargate Command (SGC), or sometimes referred to as Area 52. As far as the rest of the world knows the Stargate programs does not exist. Other governments on Earth have become aware of the Stargate program; the first government, other than the United States was the Russians. Russia begin running their own Stargate program without the knowledge o the United States using the Alpha Gate, which they found in the Atlantis Ocean.

Other Media Edit

Stargates are also used in Buck Rogers: In the 25th Century, and StarCraft.

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